Riley and Sons

Lifetime Guarantee

The best collision repair is backed by our solid warranty...

There are a lot of companies that say, "we guarantee our work", but how many actually do? At Riley & Sons we understand the one thing that other repair facilities fail to, and that is, a warranty is only as good as the people who stand behind it. That is why we are willing to guarantee our repair for as long as you own the vehicle.

Riley & Sons is proud to offer our customers a written Conditional Life-Time Warranty. In this warranty Riley & Sons guarantees all complete unibody, structural, body and paint repairs for as long as you own your vehicle. Any additional or previous repairs by any other facility, or any additional damage as a result of a separate or additional loss or claim, are excluded from this guarantee due to their nature. Parts installed will be warranted by their manufacturer.

Exclusions from this guarantee are as follows: collisions, vandalism, road stones, normal wear, fire, industrial pollution, acid rain or any natural common occurrence, such as floods, tornadoes, sandstorms, hurricanes, etc. Riley & Sons guarantees a color match on refinishing work to the vehicle's original finish. Vehicles which have been previously finished and older model vehicles that are faded and weathered will be evaluated on an individual basis. The extent of the total offer of the guarantee shall not exceed the total cost of the original repair order.

Having been in our community for over forty years, customers already know us to be people of integrity. They know that we will do it right the first time, and stand behind our work. You can rest assured that you will receive professional care. In a business that changes so rapidly, it is nice to know that some things stay the same. It is the people you know that make the difference.

Riley & Sons Collision & Mechanical Specialists Reviews

"I feel very comfortable when I come to Riley & Sons. A professional group of people work for Riley & Sons. I tell everyone how nice you are."

Marjorie Reed