Riley and Sons


State-Of-The-Art Facility Comprises Over 24,000 Square Feet

Riley & Sons Collision Repair is comprised of a well-developed 24,300 square foot facility located in South Anderson. Our facility is designed to accommodate a large volume with areas dedicated to specific types of repairs. Whether large trucks, or passenger cars, work moves efficiently through our complex.

Area Square Footage
Main Office 1,900
Service Dept. Office 400
Conference/Training 450
Metal Repair Area 8,000
Frame/Structural Repair Area 1,200
Paint Shop 6,750
Mechanical Repair Shop 3,000
Detail Department 1,050
Part Receiving 500
Estimating Area 800
Materials/Storage Area 250

Riley & Sons Collision & Mechanical Specialists Reviews

"Over the years, you have been my family's only Body Repair Shop - And still are!"

L. Burwell